Teeth Whitening Options

We Offer Zoom Whitening

Woman Smiling — General Dentistry in Asheville, NC
At Fox Dental Associates, we offer quick, professional teeth whitening with our in-office Zoom system. Results are visible immediately, and the average appointment lasts about 90 minutes. This procedure is similar to tray bleaching, but is accelerated by the use of a whitening lamp or laser. These vivid wavelengths accelerate the peroxide action of the bleaching gel for immediate tooth brightening. Our patients love the one-time ease and effectiveness of this method, and our experienced staff is here to ensure your comfort and relaxation during the process. The Zoom system is extremely successful in treating dull, yellow or stained teeth with amazing results. We also offer several take-home treatments for individuals who would rather bleach in the comfort of their own residence.

At-Home Treatments and Upkeep

Your teeth-whitening dentist will recommend some simple at-home maintenance to preserve your bright smile. Using a whitening toothpaste is a great way to keep on top of mild surface stains, although it will not change the natural color of your teeth. Tray bleaching, teeth whitening strips and paint-on teeth whiteners can prolong your professional job and keep you smiling confidently. A combination of simple procedures will help you achieve and maintain the smile you have always wanted.