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Patient Reviews

Totally happy!
Maria A. on 06/08/2017
This was the best dentist experience! First, the office staff was nice and caring enough to schedule me the same morning I called, even though this was my first visit. I was in pain, so I really appreciated that. Then, Amber, the dental assistant was wonderful. She listened and she cared. She was gentle not to hurt when she took x-rays, and distracted me during Novocain injections. Finally, my experience with Dr. Whitlow was the best I have had in 5 decades of dental work. He listened to me, explained the procedure, was careful and didn't hurt! Dr. Whitlow was professional, caring and skilled.
If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would!

"Not my mom's root canal"
Daniel H. on 06/06/2017
is what I got today from Dr Fox and his excellent staff. Minimal pain thanks to the great anesthesia. I grew up hearing my mom talk about her horrible experience of having a root canal, so it is great to be done with that unfounded anxiety.

High quality service with highly professional staff.
Ed N. on 06/05/2017
Fox Dental has the "hometown values" I admire, namely, a conservative dental practice, patient first attitude, friendly competent staff. The dental office is super clean and very calming and has all the dental technology and state of the art equipment. Even more impressive is the oral exam provided by the doctor to look for tumors or cancers in the mouth. Last but not least, Angela is wonderful hygienist, so careful, thorough, and gentle. We love her.

Always Professional
Jane S. on 06/01/2017
Time for a regular dental cleaning and checkup today. Elizabeth and Dr. Morris all fantastic as is all the staff. I've been a patient with this practice since 1990 having seen many different Doctors and staff over the years. I remain fully satisfied for all my dental related care needs.

Great Dental Practice!
Barry E. on 05/31/2017
Years ago when the office was downtown with limited parking, it was sometimes a challenge to find a spot. Now parking is no problem and the staff is so friendly and helpful. Elizabeth did the cleaning and answered any question I proposed. Others have made my gums bleed, but she was careful enough it didn't happen. We bounce back and forth between here and Florida.
Wished we could take Dr. Fox down there with us!

Great practice all around
Larissa H. on 05/25/2017
I am terrified of the dentist. However, my tooth chipped and I needed to have it fixed. The dental assistant was very professional and eased my anxiety by explaining everything to me. Every staff member I met was very nice and Dr Fox fixed my tooth nicely. You can't even tell it was ever chipped!!! Also. The Listerine rinse in the bathroom. Awesome. I feel self-conscious like I have Dragon breath when I am at the dentist. Haha. So when I saw the Listerine in the bathroom. I definitely took advantage of that. LOL. I highly recommend this place.

Hands down best dentist in Asheville
Mark W. on 05/08/2017
I came in as a new patient a few years ago they have made some changes with their employees but from the moment you walk in the door the smiles begin.
It was a very different feeling than last time I was there, a lot warmer and caring feeling. Everyone was "happy" I was taken back very promptly. Ashley was very friendly and spoke to me like she had known me forever. After the doctor got me numbed and left the room, I overheard two employees that were in the room beside me. One girl asked the other girl if she was okay and did she need any help. That person must have said no but the lady came back around and asked the assistant in my room and asked the same thing I was curious so I ask the assistant what was that about, she just smiled and said that's our office manager and she just makes sure we don't need anything. I found that odd but at the same very nice. I would recommend Fox Dental to anyone. There are at the top of the list of you are looking for a dentist.