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Thorough Preventative Dental Exams

At Fox Dental Associates in Asheville, your oral health is our number one concern. Our physicians suggest biannual dental exams to assess the health of teeth and gums and to check for tooth decay, cancer and periodontal problems. During your checkup, we use digital X-rays and an intraoral camera to thoroughly inspect every surface of your mouth. These types of X-rays use less radiation and produce clearer images, so we can be sure your mouth is in great shape. Using a camera alongside these images allows us to inspect hard-to-reach areas for plaque deposits, cracked teeth, decay or significant wear. Early identification of these issues ensures that you receive treatment before any major problems have a chance to arise. You can also expect a thorough, gentle teeth cleaning to leave your mouth feeling fresh and polished. For further protection, we offer several fluoride treatments and sealants.

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We Use Cutting-Edge Technology to Screen for Cancer

In addition to a twice yearly dental cleaning, we perform an oral cancer screening of the entire mouth cavity as part of your checkup. During this exam, we look for warning signs, such as lesions, discolored spots, lumps or tender areas. We also use a VELscope system that emits blue-spectrum light to identify potential problem areas that are not visible to the naked eye. Combining these technologies allows us to identify concerns and recommend treatments in the early stages.

Gentle Twice-Yearly Care

Whether you need a trained sleep apnea dentist or a standard checkup, our staff will provide you with the best care using the latest technologies. Give us a call at 828-252-2791 to schedule your next exam.

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